If you’re searching for a single shape that’ll work over an ENTIRE blues development, my Shapeshifter blues guitar lesson is for you. With a single worrying shape and a single fingerpicking pattern, it won’t be long ’til you’re playing the blues all night long!

This is just one blues guitar lesson in a series where I’ll teach you 5 super fun blues developments that will assist you reboot your guitar practice.

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To kick things off, this blues guitar lesson is constructed off the A7 shape.

I love this particular 12-bar blues progression because you can add a LOT of style if you wish to. There’s an alternative for including a staccato note that can include some guaranteed attitude to the progression.

To finish the ambiance, you can likewise integrate a * slide * into the A7 chord shape. This adds the next-level bluesy, mojo ambiance!

Make sure to view the complete video to get direction on where to move the A7 chord shape and more!

★ Tabs: https://rb.gy/0trkz6

★ Notes: https://acousticlife.tv/blues-guitar-lesson-challenge-4/

★ Guitar Reboot Workshop: http://www.tonypolecastro.com/reboot-challenge