Learning blues guitar has actually never ever been easier! With this 5-Day Blues Guitar Difficulty, you’ll be playing the blues in no time.

This is just one blues guitar lesson in a series where I’ll teach you 5 extremely enjoyable blues progressions that will help you reboot your guitar practice.

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The 2nd day of the 5-Day Blues Guitar Obstacle is focused on utilizing a D chord shape to different parts of the fretboard.

While this 12-bar blues remains in the secret of A, the D chord shape is going to be used throughout this blues development.

As far as your choosing hand, this is a terrific way to enter fingerpicking. You’ll be challenged with the brand-new pattern, however it’s an excellent gateway into fingerpicking the blues.

★ Tabs: https://rb.gy/30ek7n

★ Notes: https://acousticlife.tv/blues-guitar-lesson-challenge-2/

★ Guitar Reboot Workshop: http://www.tonypolecastro.com/reboot-challenge