In this video, I show you 3 ways to play a fingerstyle blues on guitar.

Each of these approaches will be in the context of blues fingerstyle rhythm guitar playing.

Many guitar players have no problem soloing over a blues, but struggle with playing interesting and varied rhythm parts.

It’s not so much because it’s more difficult to play blues rhythm guitar verses solo guitar, but more because the soloing gets favoured over the rhythm, leaving these parts sounding plain, unimaginative, and boring.

In this lesson, I show you 3 ways to spice up your blues rhythm guitar playing in a fingerstyle context:

• Blues Rhythm Approach 1: Shuffle Blues

You learn how to add interest in your blues rhythm fingerstyle playing with chord extensions and embellishments in the style of a shuffle

• Blues Rhythm Approach 2: Travis Picking

You learn how to apply travis picking to a blues to create a great sounding rhythm part with momentum, and groove. You also learn how to add melody parts to the travis picking making your rhythm blues playing sound even better

• Blues Rhythm Approach 3: Block Chords

You learn how about the block chord and how to integrate it into your blues rhythm playing. This will massively increase the pool from which you can draw from to create interesting, unique, and varied fingerstyle blues rhythm guitar parts in your songs

Learn how to build your own fingerstyle blues arrangements on guitar using awesome sounding riffs, melodies, and chords:

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