Learn how to unlock open D minor tuning magic! This video will show you four easy steps that are vital in creating the perfect sound. Open D minor has a rich, full, and haunting tone. Buckle up for this spooky tuning!

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Open D minor tuning has one key difference between normal open D tuning: the G string is tuned to an F instead of an F sharp. Otherwise, the tuning is the same.

Once you get into open D minor tuning, you’re going to learn how to play a D minor scale, create chord shapes, and even improvise over the key of D minor. It’s tons of fun playing in this open tuning and can provide haunting tones that are perfect for the Halloween season!

In addition to talking about open D minor tuning, this week’s Tuesday TAC Guitar Lick Challenge will utilize an open D minor tuning. So, if you’re looking for a slick lick to throw into your D minor playing, be sure to check out the challenge this week!

Last but not least, we’ll cover the latest acoustic guitar news you can use. Featured on this episode…
-@oldtownschoolcelebrating John Prine Way
– Dead Sled Coffee and their spooky brews
– @Billy Strings, @Gruhn Guitars, and a vintage @Martin Guitar

00:00 – Intro
01:45 – How to tune to Open D Minor Tuning
03:51 – D Minor Scale in Open D Minor Tuning
06:44 – Chord Shapes in Open D Minor Tuning
12:01 – Improvising in Open D Minor Tuning
14:58 – TAC Guitar Lick Challenge
21:24 – TAC Family Story
23:12 – Guitarsenals
25:02 – Acoustic Guitar News