Could THIS single design component be the key in between a lousy guitar and a guitar you never ever wish to put down? I’m not joking– this small modification can have HUGE impacts on your acoustic guitar.

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In this video, you’re visiting the 4 underrated acoustic guitar style aspects that have an enormous effect on a guitars sound. In addition, you’ll hear how one Tony’s Acoustic Difficulty member overcame an injury. Last but not least, you’ll speak with @Charlie Parr and @Molly Tuttle on their new music releases.

This video is really tailored towards acoustic guitar players thinking about guitar builds. If you’re looking for the reasons why different guitars sound much better than others, many people chalk it up to the materials. However, in reality, the style elements of the guitar are just as crucial.

Too typically in the acoustic guitar world, we focus on tone woods and different materials. Rather, I believe it is time guitar geeks begin paying more attention to the design aspects of a guitar like the bracing and binding.

While style elements of an acoustic guitar aren’t as fancy or simple to comprehend as wood choice, if you can find out just a little from enjoying this video, you’ll be well on your method to discovering how an acoustic guitar sounds various from others.

Big thanks to @Emerald Guitars,@Bourgeois Guitars,@ElderlyInstruments, and @Acoustic Letter for sharing these demonstration videos. Please take a look at those channels for more details!

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00:00 – Intro
01:46 – Body Size
02:40 – Bracing
07:16 – Neck Joint
10:05 – Binding
12:33 – TAC Household Story
17:01 – Guitarsenals & Remarks
24:40 – Charlie Parr Album Release
26:19 – Emerald Guitars
28:51 – Molly Tuttle Release