Are you struggling to discover EASY & classic blues guitar riffs? Are you wondering how Henry Ford’s barn has anything to do with acoustic guitars? Are you trying to find more acoustic blues guitar players to listen to? Well, you have actually pertained to the best place.

If you’re annoyed with discovering a solo that just works for one song, I’ve got great news for you. Learning blues guitar riffs permits you to apply them to nearly any blues form.

I’m using my 5-Day Blues Challenge as a way to demonstrate HOW you can apply 5 awesome blues progressions to your guitar practice.

You have actually seen Monday and Tuesday’s blues guitar riffs, but I’ll likewise reveal you a preview of Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, and Friday’s blues guitar riffs as part of the 5-Day Blues Challenge.

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Furthermore on this episode, I’m going to talk about how small wins can help you during your guitar journey. For those of you taking part in the 5-Day Blues Obstacle, make sure to commemorate your little wins every single day!

Small wins permit you to reflect and celebrate the work you have actually carried out in a day. As you learn blues guitar riffs or barre chords or fingerpicking, ensure to celebrate your little wins!

After that, I’m showcasing Kochel Guitars. For some terrific resonators, cigar box guitars, and more, be sure to have a look at Kochel guitars. I ‘d enjoy to get my hands on one of these guitars– they ‘d be ideal for playing all those blues guitar riffs!

In fact, Sean Kochel is making a lap hawaiian guitar out of wood from Henry Ford’s barn! But what does that really indicate?

If you wish to discover more, examine out the Under the Big Sky youtube channel.

Lastly, I’m including Stefan Grossman. As a music historian, musician himself, and absolute guitar geek, Stefan Grossman is 2nd to none.

Make certain to catch his efficiencies in this episode of Acoustic Tuesday– and possibly lift some his amazing blues guitar riffs!

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