Looking for something more * spicy * than your typical guitar tone? Take a look at these low-cost and easy guitar tone experiments that make certain to put some spice back into your guitar playing!

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Experimenting with your guitar’s tone is an outstanding way to differ your guitar playing. With these 5 simple guitar tone experiments, you’re bound to discover some inspiration in locations you didn’t think was possible.

From utilizing an improvised dampener for your strings to a Koto converter, all of these tonal experiments are best for beginner guitar players or long-time gamers.

In addition to discussing guitar tone experiments, you’ll hear about TAC Member of the family Daniel M., a guitar geek who went from weekend strummer to licensed guitarist after using the TAC Method.

After hearing Daniel’s story, you’ll get my rundown of acoustic guitar news you can utilize. We’ll be covering Tempest Guitars, started by Daisy Tempest from Tom Sands Guitars, how you can reserve Michael Watts to play in your house (essentially, of course), and an entire bunch of stuff on Jon Gomm!

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00:00 – Introduction
01:34 – # 1 Lap Style
03:07 – # 2 Koto Converter
04:55 – # 3 String Dampener
06:06 – # 4 Nashville Tuning
07:36 – # 5 Fiddlesticks
10:30 – TAC Family Story
13:09 – Guitarsenals & Remarks
19:47 Acoustic Guitar News
21:03 – Tim Eliminate Custom Instruments
22:39 – Michael Watts Function
25:06 – Jon Gomm