I never dreamed that my new child young boy would be giving me lessons on guitar. On this episode of Acoustic Tuesday, you’ll get an unique lesson on characteristics while I balance my guitar journey with raising my new kid!

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To kick things off, I’ll dive right into the lessons that my brand-new child young boy has taught me. We’ll cover everything from why rest is important (both for infant and for guitar journeys!) to the power of happiness in music.

In addition, I desire to show you a workout that will help you practice characteristics on acoustic guitar. Practicing characteristics can be hard, but by following these dynamics exercises you can get more out of your playing!

To wrap things up on this episode, you’ll get a take a look at my electric guitarsenal– that is, all the electric guitars in my collection.

I have 3, not including my daddy’s electric bass guitar, so make certain to take a look at what this acoustic guitar geek plays when he’s plugged in!

Thanks for watching today’s episode of Acoustic Tuesday, and I can’t wait to see you next week!

00:00 – Intro
01:50 – 4 Lessons
10:30 – How to Practice Dynamics on Acoustic Guitar
15:08 – Why Joy is Key for Guitar Playing
21:10 – My Electric Guitarsenal
28:32 – Conclusion