In this video, I’ll show you some alternative instruments that will help you find out the fundamentals of playing guitar. These 5 non-guitar instruments are great for beginners and even experienced players who desire to learn something new.

If you’ve been struggling to learn how to play guitar, then I advise learning some of the basics on these other instruments. These five non-guitar instruments can actually assist you get your fingers and ears in shape without ever touching a guitar!

From the humble mandolin to the harmonica, I’ll highlight what I have actually discovered from each of these instruments.

My hope is that you can leave this episode feeling influenced and delighted to learn a new instrument– all in the hopes of finding fun, focus, and development on your guitar journey!

In addition to seeing which 5 non-guitar instruments can assist you find out guitar, I desire to inform you about C.J. from within the TAC Family and how he’s finding progress on his guitar journey.

Finally, I’ll introduce you to @sierrahullmusic brand-new YouTube release, Eli West’s new album, and Jeremy Garrett’s Circles album also.


00:00 – Introduction
01:32 – Banjo (Clawhammer).
03:21 – Mandolin (Tremolo & Tune).
05:23 – Bass (Rhythms & Runs).
07:01 – Violin & Dobro.
10:22 – Harmonica (Pentatonics).
13:24 – TAC Household Story.
15:47 – Guitarsenals & Featured Comments.
22:34 – Acoustic Guitar News.