In this video, I cover 5 blues-centric acoustic guitars that stunned me because they are all such unbelievable offers. I looked at Recording Kings, Gretschs, Yamahas, Fenders, therefore a lot more, and here’s what I’ve created …

In this episode of Acoustic Tuesday, I’ll likewise cover 5 easy upgrades you can make to your acoustic guitar. Whether you’re on a spending plan or looking to enhance the sound of your guitar, these upgrades will undoubtedly help!

Finally, I wish to include an Artist by the name of Charlie Hicks. Charlie Hicks has an unbelievable voice and is a bluesy dobro gamer that absolutely need to not be missed.

As you continue on your guitar journey, or possibly if you’re simply starting, understand that you do not need to spend an arm and a leg to get a great guitar. Specifically when you’re searching for a specialized sound for blues guitar, there are a lot of alternatives out there!

Now, without additional ado, here are the 5 shocking blues guitars that I discovered for under $230!

5. Gretsch Jim Dandy ($ 169).

Is the Gretsch Jim Dandy abundant with overtones? Is it long on sustain? Does it sound luscious? NO … which’s what makes it a perfect blues guitar! The Jim Dandy has the bark, the mindset, and sounds extraordinary for costing just $169.

From a visual standpoint, the Gretsch Jim Dandy is a standard, no-frills kind of guitar. What surprised me most about this blues guitar was just how punchy it was, as you can see and hear in the demo video. Is it the finest $169 you could invest? Possibly … however I have a feeling another guitar on this list will provide it a run for its cash.

4. Recording King Series 7 – Single-0 ($ 169).

The Recording King Series 7 – Single 0 is a strong alternative to the Gretsch Jim Dandy. While the noise and tone coming from the 2 guitars is very similar, this Recording King has a visual panache that certainly beats out the Gretsch.

Among my preferred parts about this Recording King is the headstock and the slotted fretboard inlays. These two parts scream vintage attitude and design, which I absolutely love. So, if you’re a guitar player who desires to have a bluesy looking guitar that can be supported with a punchy noise, this may be the guitar for you.

3. Yamaha FS800 ($ 199).

While not a dedicated blues guitar like the previous picks, the Yamaha FS800 is a strong competitor. I truly like this guitar since it’s best for a guitar player who does not want to deal with a dreadnought body style. The smaller body of the Yamaha FS800 produces easy playing.

Furthermore, the solid wood top is likewise a good addition that adds just a touch more sustain to make the guitar a well-rounded instrument– although it still leans greatly on the bluesy side. Finally, the price on this bad boy comes out to $199, which is very cost effective thinking about how fantastic it sounds.

2. Fender CP60S ($ 199).

Compared to the Yamaha FS800, this Fender has a lot more shallow depth of tone. So, while it isn’t as well-rounded as the Yamaha, it may actually be more matched for Blues playing. The parlor size is also a nice function that is on par with the Yamaha’s comfortability.

I likee that Fender has actually been moving into the acoustic market and attempting to offer some decent-quality guitars at a terrific price. Up until now, the Fender CP60S is the most fascinating offering so far.

1. Recording King Dirty 30’s Series 9 Triple-0 ($ 229).

There are a couple factors why the Recording King Dirty 30’s Series 9 Triple-0 is my primary badger this list. Maybe the most significant factor is that Molly Tuttle demos the classic version of this guitar. Boy does it sound terrific. And while the newer versions to quite seem like the guitar that’s practically 100 years old, it still holds up.

The visual factor on this acoustic blues guitar is best. From the sunburst finish to the pickguard, this is a no-nonsense blues maker. Additionally, the bigger body on this guitar will supply a lot more bass in your total sound. So, if you’re somebody who likes a thump, this guitar is perfect for you!

If I missed out on any guitar that you believe belong on this list, please let me know in the remarks. I’m constantly on the hunt for finding great guitars at an excellent rate!

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