Are you prepared to get a deep insight into your guitar journey? These 6 lessons from @Molly Tuttlewill definitely motivate you to make some huge modifications in your guitar playing!

Molly Tuttle is among my guitar heroes that I have the utmost regard for. She has knowledge and technical proficiency that blows me away every time I see her play. I am so thrilled to share these 6 lessons with you! Every one is a golden nugget of guitar knowledge, so make sure you watch all the way through!

Before I launch into the interviews, I want to ensure I offer credit where credit is due. The very first interview is from @q on cbcwith Tom Power. The second one I’ll be referencing is from @eTown.

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So, without further ado, let’s launch into the 6 priceless lessons from Molly Tuttle!

Lesson # 6: Have Fun

The guitar should not be a task. If you can focus your session and zero-in on the delight and discovery of discovering the guitar, the fun will fuel your guitar journey.

If you discover yourself getting bogged down in method and you’re getting frustrated, spend some time to concentrate on one chord or method or scale. From there, piece it out and don’t get overwhelmed with finding out!

Lesson # 5: Ego is the Enemy

When Molly Tuttle got here at Berklee College of Music, she was surrounded by jazz musicians, classical artists, and electronic artists. When she looked at her peers, she realized that she was a newbie in their world.

While this may appear frightening or shocking, Molly managed the circumstance with grace. She accepted that she was a novice, checked her ego at the door, and absorbed as much details as she could. How incredible is that?!

Lesson # 4: Community

Who you surround yourself with on your guitar journey– and in life!– is very important. Making sure your community supports you and lifts you up is necessary for your success as a guitar player.

Molly had an unique experience being the first woman to be nominated (and win) the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Guitarist of the Year. The neighborhood lifted her up, and now she is delighted to raise and support other ambitious ladies in the industry up as well!

Lesson # 3: Guitar Accessibility

Molly describes her couches in your home loaded with instruments– a lot so that you couldn’t even sit on them! In truth, the only way to sit down was to have an instrument in your hands!

I highly think that having guitars quickly available will help motivate you to play. If you need to take your guitar out of a case every time you wish to play it, that’s just one more challenge to get rid of in your guitar journey.

Lesson # 2: Forever Student

Molly Tuttle has an unique technique she uses on guitar: claw hammer, which is usually scheduled for the banjo. When Molly was teaching at her very first music camp, she discovered as much as she might about claw hammer guitar strategy.

Even after accomplishing success and acknowledgment, Molly Tuttle continued to expand her knowledge of the guitar and still stays a “permanently trainee,” or somebody who is constantly discovering. I believe this is so vital for guitar journeys.

Lesson # 1: Embrace Who You Are

Never ever be scared or embarrassed of who you are. “There’s nothing normal about everyone being the very same,” Molly composed. I can not concur with her more.

Our differences, our individuality, are what make us interesting and stunning people and musicians. I want to encourage you to search for and welcome who you are. You’ll discover that if you use this on your guitar journey, you’ll see plenty of rewards.

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