John Prine absolutely transformed the acoustic music community. His wit, spirit, and genius will be missed out on. So today, we’re honoring John Prine by taking a look at 6 remarkable John Prine covers. In addition, you’ll get some reward recommendations!

All of these John Prine covers are performed by incredible musicians. Some may not seem like they drew inspiration from John Prine, but they absolutely did … specifically after seeing these covers carried out.

The very first John Prine cover is “Paradise” performed by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.

This cover is beautiful and genuine. Substantial thanks to Roger Waters for sharing this with the world. If you like that tune, there are a couple of other artists who have covered it. Darell Scott & Tim O’Brien, Dwight Yoakam, and Johnny Money have all put out covers of “Paradise.”.

Every one of these John Prine covers offers a different take and interpretation of the tune, showing how multi-faceted Prine’s music was.

The second John Prine cover is “Hi in There” performed by Joan Baez.

The more I listen to “Hey there in There,” there more the psychological weight hits me. Particularly, this cover by Joan Baez is so stunning. In truth, it’s one of her most requested tunes when she plays performances!

If you like this song and want to see the full range of influence John Prine had, examine out the covers by David Allan Coe, 10,000 Maniacs, and Jefferey Foucault.

The 3rd John Prine cover is “Sam Stone” performed by John Paul White.

While this specific cover I include in Acoustic Tuesday, I broke my rule of keeping to homage covers. Nevertheless, I think this cover just can not be disregarded. John Paul White is an unbelievable singer who captures the haunting, bothering essence of this incredibly well-told story.

For other covers of this awful John Prine tune, inspect out Swamp Dogg, Bob Gibson, and (once again) Johnny Money. Remarkably enough, Johnny Money in fact had trouble with some of the lyrics in the tune, so make sure to view the video to catch that!

The fourth John Prine cover is “Memorabilia” covered by Trey Hensley.

I’m constantly thrilled when I have the chance to hear Trey Hensley sing. His cover of “Memorabilia” highlights both his exceptional voice and John Prine’s ability to do some next-level wordsmithing.

For other covers of “Memorabilia” make sure to examine out The Country Gentlemen’s Recording and Steve Goodman’s recording on the album Inexpensive Art.

The 5th John Prine cover is “Angel from Montgomery” carried out by Simon Flory.

Simon is a pal of mine from a while back, and he had a great story tied to this song. What I like about Simon’s cover is that it is genuine, raw, and genuine. Amusing enough, Simon was also a featured artist back on Acoustic Tuesday # 91.

If you like this song, certainly take a look at the Bonnie Rait cover, as well as John Denver’s and Susan Tedeschi’s covers.

The last John Prine cover I want to function is “Unwed Daddies” performed by Sarah Jarosz.

This particular cover is very amazing since, for beginners, I love Sarah’s voice. I likewise dig the octave mandolin. It definitely has a distinct tone! You can really here the care and attention she takes into this tune, so thanks for sharing it with us Sarah!

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