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Q). I have 2 questions. The very first is, if it was considered as alright to discover to play blues music on a nylon string guitar, (I understand Willie Nelson plays one). And 2nd, if this is going to work, might you consider making a lesson with some basic finger-plucked blues riffs that would work on a nylon string (classical) guitar. Thanks!
Karen– Arlington, TX. U.S.A.

A). In regard to your very first question of if it is alright to learn to play blues music on a nylon string guitar, “Yes,” it’s completely great, to study finger-picked blues on a Nylon-String Classical Guitar. In truth, I’ve had lots of students who say that, when it concerns discovering blues guitar strategy, a classical guitar has a, “fuller/ richer,” noise, and that it has simpler fret action. Plus they like the broader string spacing due to the fact that can make it simpler to play compared to the majority of steel-string acoustics, (and a good offer of electrics as well). In this video I’ll stay with the essentials by going through some blues finger-picked parts for the chords of a 12-bar blues. Enjoy!

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