All about that bass, thump, thump, thump.

We will start with the chords, talk about the thumb and then introduce some syncopation. It is a process, we will walk you through all the chords, each finger, one at a time.

After that we will show you where to play the bass and what strings to play with your thumb. Then we will add syncopation. It is just one note, in the same place at the same time, for the entire 12 bars.

This is intentional and it is designed to get your thumb and index finger moving independently. It is the same pattern throughout the entire 12 bar, so take your time to get it down, then we will apply it to all the chords.

After we run through those three chords we will play the whole 12 bar.

The last little detail at the end is the turnaround, and we only add that after we have mastered the 12 bar without it.

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Beginner Fingerstyle Blues Guitar in G – Beginner Blues Guitar Tutorial with Tabs

Fingerstyle Blues Guitar for Beginners in G with Tabs