In this 4k Blues Guitar Tutorial you’ll find out how to play rhythm and solo over a Blues Shuffle in the key of E. Free 20 Essential Strum Patterns For Guitar at

The Blues in the key of E will only have 3 chords, the E7, A7 and B7.

To solo over these 3 chords you can use the E Minor Pentatonic Scale.

For this lesson we will utilize the employment opportunity E Minor Pentatonic Scale.

In order to play the rhythm and solo we need to come up with a strum pattern that gives us area to toss in some guitar licks.

A basic strum pattern will be D U D U with a mute on the second D stroke (D = Down, U = Up).

This strum pattern will give use beats 3 and 4 to solo over, however I will often times likewise take the next step to continue the solo, therefore offering us 6 beats to play some cool Blues licks.

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