The Boucher Bluegrass Goose is a dreadnought guitar that stands out amongst other guitars– even other Boucher guitars … here’s why this guitar has the * dialed-in * looks, tone, and feel.

I first discovered Boucher guitars when I saw a video of J.P. Cormier playing one– so, thanks J.P. for helping me discover Boucher Guitars!

Since that very first sighting, I’ve been searching all over to play a Boucher guitar. Now that I have actually had a chance to play this Boucher Bluegrass Goose for a few months now, I’m exceptionally thrilled to show you my thoughts on this killer dreadnought.

Now, I have actually played 3 other Boucher guitars, and honestly, I am most interested and eager on the Bluegrass Goose. This guitar appears like the culmination of the previous models, and I recommend an upgraded bluegrass-playing device!

As I started flatpicking with the Boucher Bluegrass Goose, I just enjoyed the stylish tone that the guitar has. On the top, there’s master grade red spruce. The back and sides are Indian rosewood, and there’s a lovely Koa binding all around the guitar. The herringbone purfling is likewise a stunning and classic aesthetic addition.

Another distinct thing about the Boucher Bluegrass Goose is the process the wood goes through. That’s right, this guitar has actually torrefied wood, a clinical procedure where the wood is aged rapidly so you can get “old-wood tone” right out of package!

The neck of the Bluegrass Goose has a great, shallow profile that is perfect for nation and bluegrass. In addition, while the body has this glossy, glossy surface, the neck has a satin finish that makes position shifting a little simpler.

Under the hood of this guitar, there’s forward-shifted X-bracing which makes this thing absolutely boom.

If you’re looking for an instrument that will complete at jams, have a lovely depth of tone, remarkable projection, and spectacular volume, I highly advise the Boucher Bluegrass Goose (BG-52).

Thanks to everyone at Bouche for letting me review this guitar, and I can’t wait to see what they make next!

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