I experienced among my most extensive moments on guitar after I realized this one thing. If you hear me out on this, I believe it will unlock a brand-new level of thankfulness and motivation on your guitar journey!

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On this episode of Acoustic Tuesday in the house you’ll get to hear the story of my 1958 Martin 0-18. It involves some intense family moments that might just send you into a gratitudinous state!

In addition, I have actually discovered myself playing in my house studio a lot more. As an outcome, my phone has actually become an invaluable tool for session.

You’re going to get my list of 5 ideas for using your phone to help raise your session. Believe me, these apps and suggestions will help you!

Lastly, I actually want to thank you for enjoying and supporting the Acoustic Tuesday program. I’m so fired up to invite Emerson Townes into the world, and I’m thankful I have actually been able to invest some more time with him given that I’m doing these In the house episodes!

Cheers! Guitar Geeks, Join!

00:00 – Introduction
02:50 – My 1958 Martin 0-18 Story
09:52 – The BIG Awareness
15:51 – 2 Free Apps to Assist Practice Guitar
19:50 – 2 Apps to Increase Your Guitar Practice
24:26 – Not Using Phone to Practice Guitar
26:38 – Outro