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01:08 Syncopation
05:11 Robert Johnson roll
08:33 Staccato

Guitar: Republic Tricone, Strings: John Pearse 013 Medium Gauge
Tuning open G, except Depot Blues, which is in Standard tuning, tuned down to D.

Willie Brown Future Blues
Charlie Patton Screamin’ and Hollerin’
Jo Ann Kelly Louisiana Blues
Eric Clapton Stones In My Passway
Child Home Depot Blues

Some have said that Delta blues is the sort of Blues played by artists located in the Mississippi Delta, an area of the United States extending from Memphis, Tennessee, in the north to Vicksburg, Mississippi, in the south and from Helena, Arkansas, in the west to the Yazoo River in the east.This meaning certainly is not very useful as blues musicians from the Delta typically played several styles of music, ranging from old-time dance tunes to ragtime to religious tunes to other forms of blues. Likewise, there were many artists outside the Delta who played Delta blues.
In Mississippi, there are at least 3 schools of blues:.
Hill nation blues in north Mississippi (Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside, Robert Belfour, Fred McDowell to a degree, and others),.
Delta Blues (Charlie Patton, Willie Brown, Kid Home, Robert Johnson to some degree, and others),.
and the specific design that emerged around Bentonia (Avoid James, Jack Owens, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, and others).

While these styles affected each other and the boundaries are fuzzy, there suffice distinctions to distinguish in between these schools.

Hill country blues is the most “simple” form of blues, with melodic lines often constructed around a couple of chords. The bass strings of the guitar usually develop a constant beat, frequently with an emphasis on the “2” and the “4”, creating the well-known trance-like, hypnotic drone.

The Bentonia School, pricing quote Wikipedia, features a shared repertoire of tunes, guitar tunings and chord-voicings with a distinctively minor tonality not discovered in other designs of blues music. It has strong associations with the “Crossnote” (open D/E minor) tuning. The Bentonia musicians used it to excellent result, achieving a distinctive tonality unique to the area.

Delta blues is the most percussive and rhythmically complex kind of all blues music. The guitar is typically used as a percussive instrument, with snapping of strings, banging the body of the guitar, staccato melody lines, and an irregular bass that produces an extremely syncopated balanced pattern.