On this episode of Tennessee Valley Uncharted, Erick is exploring how the Delta is more than simply a region it’s a symbol of change. He begins out by triggering quite a stir at the Grammy Museum in Cleveland prior to heading over to close-by preferred, Backdraft, to fill up on food, along with stories on local families. The next day, Erick gets a little Delta under his fingernails forming art at McCarty’s Pottery, prior to helping the students at Houston High School finetune their solarpowered experience, the Sundancer.

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Tennessee Valley Uncharted is a program following Erick Baker and Aerial Nicole as they experience activities and locations you may never knew existed, from world-class outside experiences to individuals and cultural chances that make the Tennessee Valley so unique.

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Host: Erick Baker
Executive Creative Director: Joseph Nother
Executive Manufacturer: Taylor Walters
Director of Photography: Cody Walters
Producers: Kristin Majni, Adam Wigren, Emily Bullen
Writers: Taylor Walters
Camera Op: Edy Recendez
Noise: Mike Dearing
Post Production Supervisor: Michael Cummins
Editor: Ian LaPierre
Sound Editor: Mike Dearing

Special Thanks To:
McCarty’s Pottery
Houston High School
Josh Wooten

Additional Thanks To:
Auralation Music

Tennessee Valley Uncharted is a co-production by Designsensory, PopFizz, and Tennessee Valley Authority.