If you’ve ever wondered how some of these crazy, intricate designs on acoustic guitars are made, you’re not alone. In this video you’ll see how some of the greatest masters of inlay create beautiful inlay design!

The artists selected this week are world-renowned inlay artists, working with everything from lacquer to mother of pearl to create incredible art right on the guitar. We’ll be featuring the folks who have created some of @Martin Guitar’s stunning instruments, as well as the incredibly talented Simon Haycraft who works on @Thompson Guitars.

Whether you’re just starting to play acoustic guitar or you’ve been playing for decades, I always love to show people that acoustic guitars can be incredible art pieces, whether their inlay work is subtle or over the top.

You’ll also have a chance to preview an incredible documentary called Dragons & Vines. Brought to you by the folks at @MIMphx, this 3-part documentary is a must-see for anyone interested in guitar design or inlay work. Be sure to check it out on the Museum of Instrument Making’s website or YouTube channel!

In addition to discussing acoustic guitar inlay, you’ll get to see how valuable playing the guitar for at least 10 minutes a day is, especially when dealing with this week’s TAC Tuesday Guitar Lick Challenge. And, just to drive that concept home, you’ll hear from a TAC Family member who has used the 10 minutes a day method to launch his guitar journey to new heights.

Last but not least, you’ll get your weekly dose of acoustic guitar news you can use! Featured this week are…

– New Norman Blake album titled “Day by Day”.
– Justin Townes Earle’s Signature Model from@RecordingKingOfficial
– Courtney Hartman’s New Single
– The Lostines featured on@Western AF

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00:00 – Intro
01:15 – 6 Masters of Inlay
09:50 – Dragons & Vines
12:25 – Tuesday Guitar Lick Challenge
17:57 – TAC Family Story
20:50 – Guitarsenals
24:42 – Acoustic Guitar News