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If you want to start fingerpicking blues guitar, it’s important to learn the right way. This video teaches you how to get started with acoustic blues fingerstyle guitar!

Jim Bruce is an acoustic blues fingerstyle guitar instructor. In this video, he shares some tips and tricks for learning the style of fingerpicking blues!

– Learn how to keep it real with your picking hand fingering position
– Understand which chords are compatible when playing the different acoustic blues fingerstyles

Jim Bruce is an expert fingerstyle blues guitarist, a world-class educator and the author of two best-selling instructional books (Acoustic Blues Fingerstyle Guitar Volumes 1 & 2).

He has been teaching for over 30 years. In this special video he’ll teach you some basic acoustic blues fingerstyle guitar chords that will open up a whole new world of possibilities in your playing!

In this video, Jim Bruce teaches you the basic techniques of playing fingerstyle blues and tips for getting started. He also shares some great tunes by famous fingerpickers like Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Blake and Robert Johnson.

If you’re looking for fingerstyle blues guitar lessons on how to play like the masters of blues guitar – Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Blake, Robert Johnson – then watch this video!

I’ve been playing acoustic blues fingerstyle guitar since the late 1970’s when I was in high school and have spent over 30 years studying these styles of music. So if you want to learn acoustic blues fingerstyle guitar as it is played by these greats of history, check out some videos on my channel or subscribe today!

Jim Bruce is an internationally touring artist who has been teaching acoustic blues guitar for over 30 years. In this video, Jim offers some tips on how to play the acoustic blues fingerstyle guitar like Blind Boy Fuller, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Robert Johnson.

1) Learn about the type of chords these artists used.
2) Learn how they strummed their guitars so you can create a similar rhythm and sound when playing
3) Get familiar with the 12-bar blues progression that all three musicians followed in many of their songs
4) Use your thumb to pluck rather than using your fingers (this will give you a lower tone).
5) Play with conviction!

Acoustic blues is a style of music that’s been around for over 100 years. It originated in the southern US and was heavily influenced by African American culture, gospel, and folk traditions.

In this course I’ll show you how to play acoustic blues fingerstyle guitar using chords from Mance Lipscombe, Reverend Gary Davis, Scrapper Blackwell and more!

In this video series we’ll cover the styles of some of the old Mississippi Blues Guitar players like Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Willie McTell and Robert Johnson.

We’re going to start with one of my favorite songs that’s been a staple in all my live shows for years now – Keep It Real!

Learn how to play fingerstyle blues guitar, Jim Bruce style – Keep It Real!

In this video I’ll teach you the basics of playing fingerstyle acoustic blues guitar. You’ll learn about things like chord shapes and techniques for creating improvisational melodies with your left hand while strumming chords with your right.

I’m going to show you a few different tunes from my repertoire that use these techniques so we can explore them together in detail and get you started on building your own solos.

This is geared towards intermediate players who are familiar with basic rhythms and blues progressions but want to take their soloing abilities up a notch.

Jim Bruce’s Fingerstyle Blues Guitar course will teach you everything from the basics to advanced techniques. It starts with an introduction to the fingerpicking style, followed by a primer on playing blues and ragtime guitar.

You’ll learn how to play in different keys, as well as how to use slides and hammer-ons for added expression. He also includes many classic riffs such as “St James Infirmary” or “Sitting On Top of The World.”

Learn to play acoustic blues guitar with Jim Bruce, fingerstyle blues guitarist. This video course teaches you the three most popular styles of slide and open D guitars: Delta Blues, Chicago Blues and Texas Style. In these lessons I show how to use your right hand fingers in different ways for each style so that you can get a full range of sounds. It is possible to explore all styles on one instrument by using alternate tunings!

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