From CD video tuition course “60Day Fingerstyle Blues Camp”, produced by Truefire and AGW. Details at This study program, written and presented by Rick Payne, is straightforward and very effective. Work through each of the three courses sequentially: Fingerstyle Blues Guitar I, Fingerstyle Blues Guitar II and then Acoustic Slide Guitar. Take on one chapter at a time for at least an hour a day. You’ll quickly learn to master the tunings, fingerpicking styles and techniques of fingerstyle blues and acoustic slide guitar. Along the way, you’ll add a set’s worth of solo fingerstyle tunes to perk up your repertoire. But here’s the trick – give your regular play list a break and keep the five audio CDs cranked and playing in your car, walkman, PC and home stereo until you hear the material in your sleep. This will bring the style to life on your fingertips as you apply what you hear to how you play. The course is presented in an interactive PDF manual with 185 video lessons (Windows Media and Quicktime), 200 audio elements (MP3), text, tab, charts and Power Tab, which allows you to “see” and “hear” tab played out at any tempo in perfect pitch. If you’ve got desire, intermediate skills and are willing to devote 60 days learning and listening to this course — you’ll be well on your way to becoming a monster fingerstyle blues player. Click here for audio previews and full description!