One of the great aspects of the guitar is the ease with which you can play harmonics – the pure overtones you get when gently touching a string (without actually stressing it) at certain ‘node points’. The crystal clear, bell-like tones are particularly stunning on acoustic guitar and extensively used by gamers including John Renbourn, Leo Kottke and Andy McKee.

In this short acoustic guitar video tutorial, composer and Elixir Strings artist Calum Graham reveals you how to include harmonics with fretted notes when playing a significant scale. By integrating the 2 techniques you can achieve a sensational ‘layered’ playing feel with the harmonic notes sounding out and sustaining over the punchier stressed notes. Download tab:

As soon as you have the idea down, you can adjust it to all elements of your playing and composition! Calum plays Elixir Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Strings with NANOWEB Finish for their tuning stability. Discover more:

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