Ever heard of John Fahey? Ever questioned why you should be listening to John Fahey? In this episode, I’m covering the life of John Fahey and giving you 10 guitar players that are greatly affected by John Fahey and maintaining an uniquely American art form!

To understand how prominent John Fahey is, we require to speak about American primitive guitar, a subgenre of folk/acoustic music. With one foot in blues and the other in nation, American primitive guitar– established by John Fahey himself!– was deeply percussive and concentrated on fingerpicking.

If you wish to comprehend how Fahey’s impact is still being felt today, make certain to have a look at this list of acoustic artists who borrow greatly from Fahey’s design.

# 10: Glenn Jones

# 9: Jack Rose

# 8: Nathan Bowles

# 7: Rob Noyes

# 6: Marisa Anderson

# 5: Daniel Bachman

# 4: Nathan Salsburg

# 3: Jan Morgenson

# 2: Joost Dijkema

# 1: Gwenifer Raymond

Each one of these artists is developing on John Fahey’s tradition.

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Throughout today’s John Fahey show, I’ll likewise be discussing 10 unfamiliar facts about John Fahey‘s life.

If you have an interest in the life of among the most prominent however unknown acoustic guitar players of perpetuity, make certain to watch the entire episode of my list of 10 John Fahey Facts!

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