The Gibson Hummingbird is one of the most iconic guitars worldwide. From it’s spectacular design to its ingenious building, there’s an aesthetic and comfy quality that is unequaled by other guitars. Discover why everyone from Billy Joe Armstrong to Keith Richards plays the Gibson Hummingbird.

This whole episode is devoted to speaking about the Gibson Hummingbird. I wish to commemorate among the most captivating guitars and discuss options that still hold up to the Gibson Hummingbird.

To begin this Hummingbird themed episode, I wish to talk about the TOP 5 reasons you need to at least consider playing a Gibson Hummingbird.

Factor # 1: All existing Gibson Acoustics are made right here in Bozeman, MT.

Now, I’m presently residing in Bozeman, so there’s a little bit of a bias, however I still believe this is substantial. The Bozeman factory has a really high standard for production, especially when making as many guitars as they do!

Supporting the local economy and builders/technicians in my neighborhood is always a plus. Be sure to watch the episode to see the inside take a look at Gibson’s Bozeman factory!

Factor # 2: Gibson’s flagship square-shouldered dreadnought is the Gibson Hummingbird.

Prior to 1960, there wasn’t a Gibson square-shouldered dreadnought that was mass-produced. Martin seemed to control the marketplace prior to 1960, but when the Gibson Hummingbird came out, it altered the marketplace forever.

Varying from Martin’s square-shouldered designs, the Gibson Hummingbird had style and a completely various visual look that has actually recorded the hearts of guitarists for the last 50 years. When you get a Gibson Hummingbird, you’re holding history … and I believe that can’t be neglected.

Reason # 3: Aesthetics Trifecta.

After talking about the square-shouldered style, I realized that the Gibson Hummingbird actually catches a visual trifecta. What do I mean by that?

The first thing that makes the Gibson Hummingbird a beautiful and well balanced guitar in its appearances is the split parallelogram inlays on the neck. The contrast in between the traditional, rigid lines of the inlay on the smooth rosewood neck is just incredible to take a look at.

The 2nd notable visual quality on the Gibson Hummingbird is the cherry burst top. The color of the Hummingbird’s top is apparent, copies commonly, and is absolutely gorgeous.

The third quality that completes the trifecta is finely inscribed pickguard. There’s a bit of a hippy-vibe, a country-vibe, and a nod to the beauty of the natural world. There are extremely few guitars that are so tidy, timeless, and renowned.

Reason # 4: Convenience.

You may have heard about the scale length of the Gibson Hummingbird, however if not, recently that this guitar is exceptionally comfortable and ideal for gamers of all sizes.

The very first thing that makes the Gibson Hummingbird is the scale length. The scale length is 24 3/4 inches rather than 25 1/2 inches on other dreadnoughts. The Gibson Hummingbird likewise a very slim nut-width. This enables the string spacing to be smaller, accomodating small hands and fingers.

The last thing that makes playing the Gibson Hummingbird incredibly comfy to play is a slim, tapered neck profile. For a guitar player with smaller hands that desires the sound of a big-bodied dreadnought, you can’t go incorrect with the Hummingbird.

Factor # 5: The Birth of a Gibson Series.

Consider the Gibson Hummingbird as the lead domino in a trend of Gibson guitars. To me, the Hummingbird began Gibson’s commitment to birds.

It all started in 1960 with the Gibson Hummingbird. From there, we relocate to the Gibson Dove. After that, there was the Gibson Doves in Flight, the artistic take on the Gibson Dove. After that, we moved to the Gibson Firebird acoustic with phoenix inscriptions. Then, we transfer to the Eric Church Hummingbird design. Which’s simply the acoustic guitars committed to birds!

There’s a lot more that I speak about on this special episode of Acoustic Tuesday committed to the Gibson Hummingbird, so make sure to see the full video or capture the program keeps in mind on today!

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