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Learn how to alter acoustic guitar strings! In this lesson, I’ll teach you the actions you should follow to appropriately restring your guitar. Likewise, a super tip to assist you keep your guitar in tune even if you have actually just altered the strings. A total guide for beginners and advanced gamers – enjoy!:-RRB- #acousticguitar #guitarlessons #guitarplayer

Video Chapters
00:00 Introduction
00:17 The tools you need to restring your acoustic guitar
01:58 Before you start: mark the bridge’s placement on the guitar neck
02:32 Action 1: How to cut the old strings
04:38 Step 2: How to get rid of the old strings from the headstock
05:31 Step 3: How to effectively clean the fretboard
07:37 Action 4: How to put the new strings on
10:55 Step 5: How to put the strings on the headstock
20:36 Step 6: Tuning your acoustic guitar
22:16 Important! Stretching in your new strings to keep the guitar in tune
25:27 Q&A: How do you understand if it’s time to change strings?
27:32 Q&A: What gauge guitar strings should you utilize?
28:51 Q&A: Are coated strings worth it?
30:36 Contact us!

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