Take the secret out of discovering any note on the guitar with this video. Likewise, get a take a look at among my favorite NEW guitars (ever become aware of Lowden??), and my Acoustic Artists of the week, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

If you follow the structure in this video, you’ll have the ability to find any note on any string without remembering all of the notes.

The two things you need to understand first are 1) the musical alphabet and 2) whole-steps= 2 frets and half-steps= 1 fret– the half-steps are always in between B and C and E and F (Big Crazy Elephants Fight!).

In this video, I’m using the idea of actions to the musical alphabet. If you follow along in the video, you’ll have the ability to see how I can find any note on the guitar utilizing this principle!

Make certain to let me know in the remarks if this video offered any light bulb moments for you!


After this fast pointer, I’ll go over how you focus and produce intent in your session.

Start by composing a list of all the things you wish to find out on the guitar. From there, arrange this list by order of many enjoyable.

If you concentrate on that, you’ll be able to begin having a good time while playing the guitar … and isn’t that the reason you’re playing guitar? If not, leave a comment and tell me why you want to play guitar!


Up next, you’ll get to see a guitar that I absolutely have my eyes on.

Brendan at @Heartbreaker Guitars has his Heartbreaker of the Month this week. He chose to include the new Lowden F50.

The Lowden F50 has a master-grade California cedar top with master-grade Hawaiian Koa back. In addition, the Lowden F50 is sporting the maple five-piece neck instead of the normal mahogany.

This guitar is absolutely stunning, however I actually want you to hear how it sounds. It has a punchy, yet rich quality that is so uncommon to hear in new guitars.

Thanks once again to Heartbreaker Guitars, and please visit their site for more details on the Lowden F50!

★ Find out More: https://heartbreakerguitars.com/.


After the Heartbreaker of the Month, I’m featuring Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. Even if you have actually heard of these folks before, I just can’t overlook this duo that embodies all advantages about acoustic music.

From their melodies to their lyrics, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings are such a joy to listen to.

Additionally, Welch and Rawlings have such a respect area and including each other. David Rawlings is one excellent guitarist, but he ensures that he leaves room for lyrics at every turn.

Make sure to view the video to capture my full breakdown of this unbelievable duo!

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