Invite to the most recent installation of Chord by Chord, a series created to build your understanding of harmony and the fretboard. Last time, we reviewed the I– vi– IV– V7– I in the key of G significant. This time, we’ll include the viidim chord after the IV for a more involved development.

I–vi–IV–viidim–V7–I Progression in G Major | Chord by Chord

The Work
You should currently recognize with the I, vi, IV, and V7 chords, so to get the viidim (F# dim) chord, simply begin on the seventh note (F#) of the G significant scale (Example 1) and after that include the notes A and C– a stack of small thirds (Example 2).

Example 3 offers us the I– vi– IV– viidim7– V7– I in G using open chords. If the four-note F# dim is too tough to finger, simply remove the note on string 1. Notice that the notes of the F# dim chord (F# A C) are the same as the greatest three notes of the D7 (D F# A C) that follows.

Example 4 shows the development using barre chords and Example 5 does the same, just greater up the neck. Bear in mind that you do not need to play all 5 or six notes of each barre chord– again, attempt simply the bottom or middle four.

In Example 6 you’ll discover a bunch of compact voicings on simply the leading three strings. Keep in mind, these are excellent for when you’re having fun with another guitarist who’s utilizing fuller voicings, or a keyboardist or bassist. Notification the smooth motion in between chords– for example, the G and Em chords share the very same two top notes.

The Outcome

You ought to now know how to play a I– vi– IV– viidim– V7– I development using different voicings in the secret of G major. Practice strumming or fingerpicking this brand-new development on your own. In the next lesson we’ll explore one more chord progression before carrying on to other chord types.