Invite to Acoustic Guitar’s Chord by Chord, a year-long series developed to build your fretboard familiarity, chord fluency, and understanding of consistency. From the very start, you’ll be able to apply what you find out here to playing and comprehending tunes.

You’ll start merely and slowly, finding out one brand-new three-note major or minor chord in various positions on the fingerboard in each lesson. Each time you learn a brand-new chord, I’ll reveal you how to use it in a tune. Then you’ll learn to link 2 chords at a time, intending for smooth, relaxed, effective changes. At this point, we’ll present you to lessened chords, which are vibrant variations on minor chords.

Next, you’ll explore four-note chords, consisting of dominant and major seventh, ninth, and sus chords, which add tension, ambiguity, and complexity to your music. Finally, you’ll find out typical chord developments utilizing the full variety of major, minor, reduced, and four-note chords.