How crucial are the “looks” of an acoustic guitar? In today’s video, you’ll get a complete analysis and three factors why simply concentrating on tone is an error when picking a brand-new guitar.

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Numerous guitar gamers, particularly knowledgeable ones, begin to discount the looks of the guitar. Too typically, players are focused on the tone of a guitar. While it is very important to like how an acoustic guitar sounds, it’s likewise essential to enjoy what you look at.

When you consist of looks into your examination of a guitar, you’re including a whole other level of consideration. While it may not impact what your playing seems like, looks really have a HUGE effect on how you practice. That’s why this episode is devoted to the looks of a guitar!

In addition to speaking about visual appeals, I’ll also give you a tour of my studio, address a few questions, and inform you about the very first time looks changed the method I tried to find guitars.


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00:00 – Introduction
01:37 – The Story Behind My Martin OM
10:19 – 3 Reasons That Looks Matter
15:06 – Tour of My Studio (Motivation Station).
26:52 – AMA.
30:31 – Thank you …