I am so ecstatic to share this with you, I simply had to make a video about it! This is the simplest method EVER to make a vintage guitar. The procedure involves torrefaction which resembles cigarette smoking meat: drying the wood however at high temperature levels rather of low ones (yes, that’s what smoking cigarettes does too!).

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Torrefaction produces an authentic-looking finish that feels and sounds like old-growth lumber. I could not believe how easy it was when I saw the pictures and heard the outcomes.

On today’s episode of Acoustic Tuesday, you’re going to have the chance to examine whether this simple method can develop an immediate vintage-sounding guitar.

By using this rapid-aging method, luthiers have actually had the ability to develop guitars that sound practically identical to a few of the most universally liked guitars: prewar Martins and Gibsons.

When we’re done going over torrefaction, you’ll get to hear about TAC Household member Jo and her guitar journey.

Last but definitely not least, I’ll fill you in on some of the most current guitar geek news and statements.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:33 – Torrefaction Test
03:19 – Mimicing an Icon
04:23 – Torrefaction
07:55 – Distressing
12:13 – TAC Household Story
17:55 – Guitarsenal & Comments
23:41 – Iris Guitars Evaluation
27:46 – Landis Studios Fingerpicks
29:02 – Glen Carson Documentary
31:16 – @Andy McKeeWisdom