In this video, I’m revealing you 1 scale pattern that can work for (almost) all scales! In addition, well known guitar player David Grier is going to answer some compelling concerns, you’ll get a behind the scenes take a look at NAMM, and Tom Sands is showing you a guitar made from a famous tree!

In the first section, I wish to strengthen the concept of learning a scale shape rather than a scale itself. Instead of remembering notes, memorize a pattern or shape to find out scales– and after that use them to various parts of the fretboard!

I’ll show you the SPECIFIC shape you require to find out all scales. Simply keep in mind that if you desire to play a small scale, simply start that significant scale pattern on a various note besides the major 1st– make certain to enjoy the entire video to understand what I mean!

Make sure to leave a note in the remark if this approach worked for you … I always love to hear if you have any breakthrough moments on your guitar journey!


Up next, I want to ask you a question: have you heard of “The Tree” Mahogany?

Here’s the important things …

There’s this ancient tree that was dropped in the rainforest almost 60 years ago. The tree couldn’t be recuperated at the time, once it lastly was, the loggers were surprised at the quality of the wood inside “The Tree.”.

Numerous luthiers, furniture makers, and other artisans rapidly realized how lovely this particular Mahogany tree was. In addition, the luthiers understood that the tonal quality of the wood was unrivaled.

Now, many guitars have been made with the wood from “The Tree,” consisting of Santa Cruz guitars.

Today, I’m including Tom Sands’ Model M Family Tree guitar. You DO NOT want to miss out on Tom’s breakdown of his sensational guitar.


To offer you the behind the scenes of NAMM 2020, Brendan from @Heartbreaker Guitarswill take you on a tour of dozens of different acoustic guitar suppliers.

Everybody from @Lowden Guitarsto Santa Cruz Guitars to @Breedlove Guitarswas at NAMM this year, and Brendan was able to deliver some honest interviews of some huge names in the market!


Lastly, I had the ability to get David Grier to answer a few concerns. Previously, David Grier was included on Acoustic Tuesday # 113.

To be truthful, David is incredibly inspiring and his twists on melody and flatpicking are so incredible.

Today, David is going to answer a few of the concerns that you people have for David Grier!

Be sure to enjoy the complete episode today to hear all of David’s comments.

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