Guideline # 1: Don’t call it guitar practice. I’m serious. Start calling it “guitar playing.” Here’s why …

Playing stimulates fun, discovery, and pleasure. Practice can conjure up some nasty associations with time frame and exercising.

Okay, now that you got that first mental reframe out of the way, let’s move into how you can make your guitar playing AUTOMATIC with 6 simple steps.

My goal for this episode is to get you seeming like you can play your guitar immediately– in the very same method you don’t think of brushing your teeth every day … you just do it.

By utilizing routine structure, micro-routines, and plenty of other methods, you can make your guitar playing habit as automated as consuming or brushing your teeth!

Pretty quickly, if you follow these steps, you’ll feel word NOT playing the guitar.

In addition to speaking about playing routines, you’ll also hear about a Tony’s Acoustic Obstacle Relative who has some interesting news to share about her progress …

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00:00 – Intro
01:49 – Intention
03:37 – Routine, Routine, Regular
05:00 – Get Outside Your Convenience Zone
06:09 – Avoid Distractive Detours
07:46 – Document Your Practice
09:57 – Commemorate
12:09 – TAC Family Story
26:28 – Acoustic Guitar News