0:00 – Sigma 000M-15 (000, strong mahogany top).
0:40 – Martin D-15 (Dreadnought, all solid mahogany).
1:22 – Santa Cruz OM/PWM (OM, mahogany/spruce).
2:04 – Gibson L1 Robert Johnson (little body, mahogany/spruce).

In my YouTube-Channel you will find more recordings with these guitars!

The very same piece of acoustic blues used each guitar. The takes were not made at the same time, however it was the same space and the very same high-end mic (Sennheiser MKH-50 P48). No further sound treatment.

You can quickly find out some particular distinctions: 000 vs dreadnought, dreadnought vs om, sigma vs martin, mahogany vs spruce top, and some common noise characteristics of all mahogany guitars and of gibson smallbody blues guitars.

So is this an unfair comparison? The “low-cost” Chinese Sigma vs the entry-level Martin vs the high-end Santa Cruz vs the mid-priced real Blues Device by Gibson? Your opinions are welcome:–RRB-.