Lesson on a minimalistic variation of an old Roosevelt Sykes song.
Standard tuning, key of E.
I’m playing a 1987 Greven FX guitar, maple body, spruce top.
I tape-recorded another variation, a long period of time earlier, on a 12-string guitar, tuned down to C.
For other lessons (TAB with video) https://www.daddystovepipe.com/.


I satisfied a good-looking stranger, persuaded her to be my partner.
I want to tell you people, I made an error in life.

I left her mom standin’, in the doorway weeping.
She stated: “please mister, do not mistreat that child of mine”.

So errors can be corrected, (but) not if they concern your life.
You simply as well reconcile it, or discover you another partner.

When it comes down to marrying, you much better believe once and speak twice.
Due to the fact that if you make this mistake, you done destroyed the rest of your life.