Demonstrated by Pete Madsen,

This Rainsong WS1000 Custom 2000 is from Acoustic Guitar magazine’s 10th Anniversary Collection. Now, to celebrate our 30th anniversary, you have the opportunity to bid on a piece of history and assistance guitar education at the same time.

Unique Guitar crafted entirely using Carbon fiber/Graphite composites
Brace-free and light soundboard constructed using Unidirectional carbon for a warm tone
Fishman Prefix electronics featuring an on-board tuner.
Impervious to humidity and temperature changes
Single-piece all-graphite neck and composite fingerboard with an adjustable truss rod.
Case Included.

Top Pick
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The RainSong Concert Series instruments are crafted with tonal warmth in mind. These instruments employ the lightest soundboards that RainSong has to offer. These soundboards utilize unidirectional carbon, which simulates the tight grains you'd find on a fine spruce top. The result of this lightweight, unidirectional carbon soundboard is a warmer tone. The CO-WS1000N2 is the swiss army knife of Concert Series line.

This distinct instrument is made entirely of graphite, an exceptional option to dwindling wood resources, with abundant acoustic residential or commercial properties. It was built utilizing Rainsong’s Projection Tuned Layering procedure, which greatly decreases the weight of the soundboard while increasing its overall stiffness and response, producing a clear, resonant noise.

The inherent stability and strength of graphite mean that this guitar will hold up well in all type of travel conditions and will stay in tune through changes in environment, so you can with confidence take it on the road. And considering that graphite is an electrical conductor, when you plug in the WS1000, its warm acoustic noise will be magnificently magnified.

A few more crucial details: The WS1000 includes a deep body with cutaway, chrome Schaller tuners, abalone rosette, raindrop inlays on the fretboard and, on the back, an abalone Acoustic Guitar 10th Anniversary logo design perfectly molded into the graphite weave. Top-of-the-line Fishman electronics– an on-board blender system consisting of a piezo pickup, a microphone, and a preamp– provide an abundant magnified noise.