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My take on the Delta Blues classic.
Key of E, standard tuning.
I’m playing a mahogany Grand Concert 000 made by Texan David Newton.
Originally recorded as a duet.
Kid Bailey’s origins are unknown and there’s a lot of dispute wether his was Son House’s friend Willie Brown or someone else. There are similarities in their guitar styles but the voices are quite different.
Here are the only two recordins Kid Bailey made
“Rowdy Blues” and
“Mississippi Bottom Blues”
for comparison Willie Brown’s recordings
“M & O Blues”
“Future Blues”
Interesting version by Tomasina Winslow and Nick Katzman

Nick Katzman play second guitar and relies on licks of Tommy Johnson’s “Canned Heat”.
In the background you see my interpretation of Clyfford Still’s famous painting “1944 N – N°2
Here’s “1944-N N°1″which is a much better version
Story goes that Still had an argument with the museum about this painting, so he made (in his opinion – and he was very opiniated) an inferior version called N°2…
Both versions are fascinating.