Desire to add some jazzy design to your guitar playing? Then this is the novice lesson for you! One of the most unique attributes of jazz guitar is the method that extended chords (the major and small 7ths and beyond) are voiced, but it can be a tough location to start exploring.

In this fast acoustic guitar video lesson, Elixir Strings artist Shawn Persinger sets out to make jazz chords less daunting. Download Tab:

You’ll discover the basics, beginning with chords in the open position– and after that find out some really “jazzy-sounding” close-voiced chords up the neck. As soon as you have actually these mastered you’ll be on the way to comping those traditional jazz-style accompaniments; Shawn shows by playing through a ‘circle of fourths’ development in the style of Fall Leaves, Fly Me To The Moon, My Favorite Things and more.

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