I’m playing my Gréven L-00v, capo on the very first fret; G position. The song is taught in standard tuning key of G (no capo like the performance).

I discovered this tune when I was truly young from the album “Doc and Merle Watson – Live” Lead Records.
I have actually constantly been touched by the story behind it. Merle Watson accompanied his father at a very early age (16 I think) and wrote this tune when on the road, far from his home and enjoyed ones. The loneliness actually influenced him to compose such a basic, yet beautiful song. Merle wrote this tune after satisfying Mississippi John Hurt at the Newport Folk Celebration and the guitararrangement truly reveals this.

The LP live variation, Doc and Merle

A later live version of Doc Watson with Jack Lawrence on 2nd guitar
Doc tells the story how the song became. Good closups of his hands.