In this Very first episode of Solid Tuesday’s I talk to founder Scott Marquart of Stringjoy Strings in Nashville TN. Hear what he has to say about why art is a needs to for everybody!

00:00 Stringjoy the company
1:51 How old where you when you started in the arts?
3:55 When did you decide to flip the switch to doing Music?
6:51 What were some outside jobs you used to press forward in the market?
8:32 Recommendations for the artist who “Requirements to keep the day job”? (My favorite Answer!!!).
10:34 Is being a professional Artist the method you imagined it?

See the String joy factory here:.

best guitar strings ever! Attempt them !!!

Stuff I use!
CopperSound Pedals:.

Daedalus Reverb –

Polaris Chorus –

Captain Hook (octave) Fuzz –

Loma Prieta (harmonic) Tremolo –

Technique Increase –

Video Setup:.

Sony a6000 –

Sigma 16mm lens –

Front lighting –

Rear lighting –

Computer (the old variation of this) –

Audio Setup:.

Mic (Blue Mouse) –

Mic Pre (not required however sounds fantastic! –

Audio Interface –

Screens –


Fender –

Suhr –
Jazz iii –

The majority of amazing playing and sounding Mummy-

Pedal board:.
Temple boards duo 24 –

Side Spot bay –

You’ll need these –

Stringjoy Acoustic Guitar strings 12’s –

Stringjoy Electric Guitar – music company podcast.