In this episode, we explore the idea of sustainable guitars — something guitar geeks should be thinking about for the future…here’s why.

We’ll take a look at some great companies like Taylor Guitars and Tom Sands that are creating instruments with sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood and ethically sourced materials, and more.

I’ve always been fascinated by tone woods. From their acoustic properties to their aesthetic qualities, I loved learning about different kinds of tone woods. But recently I’ve been thinking more about where tone woods come from, how they’re harvested, and what us guitarists can do to make sure there are guitars for future generations.

This video won’t seek to provide definitive solutions to the issues of deforestation or other negative aspects of the guitar industry. Instead, I want this to be the launch-pad for further conversations.

Feel free to share resources, makers, luthiers, and others who are helping ensure that there are guitars for our grandchildren and their grandchildren to play.

Featured in this show…
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00:00 – Intro
02:37 – Bob Taylor and Crelicam
08:27 – Tom Sands
11:50 – TAC Guitar Lick Challenge
17:10 – TAC Family Story
19:55 – Guitarsenals
23:08 – Acoustic Guitar News