Making one of these mistakes can set you back weeks or months (years ?!) when finding out guitar. Take a look at this episode of Acoustic Tuesday to ensure you’re not making any of the 4 guitar mistakes relating to music theory.

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Now, back to the 4 music theory mistakes that most guitarist make …

Error # 1: You don’t think you’re prepared.

This can happen to ANY guitarist. Experts, newbies, and everybody in between. I got ta say, you’re constantly ready to learn some music theory.

The truth is, when you begin to find out theory, it’s going to accelerate your development. Whether you’ve been betting a week or a year, finding out theory will make your development that much faster. You’ll be making connections that will make everything make sense.

Mistake # 2: You need a comprehensive understanding of music theory.

If you think you have to comprehend everything about music theory, from structure to consistency to modes, you’re dead wrong.

I mean, it’s good to understand these things, however the bottom line is that you do not need to understand whatever to play guitar.

Instead, you need to target the 20 or 10% of music theory that will help you every day on your guitar journey.

Mistake # 3: You do not have sufficient time.

Rather of finding out theory, you think that you should simply play the tunes and scales you currently understand … right?

Here’s the amusing thing … when you start finding out music theory, you discover other ideas quicker. In the brief window of time you have to deal with your guitar playing and music, if you integrate music theory, you can have lightbulb minutes left and right.

Error # 4: You have self-doubt.

There’s no simple method to talk about self-doubt. As a guitar player, you’re putting yourself out there, and it takes a lot out of you.

Whether you’re playing with friends, at an open-mic night, or posting a tune to TAC or YouTube, keep in mind that you can do it!

Knowing music theory is no various. You can do it. Don’t let your self-doubt take control of the situation. Whether you’re new to guitar or coming back after years off, learning music theory can truly alter how you practice and play guitar. You got this!

Now, if you saw that you’re making any of these errors, I wish to inform you about something special …

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