Have you ever questioned what resonator guitars a professional customer, teacher, and gamer would buy? In this video, you’ll get to see part 2 of my guitarsenal: the resonators and uncategorizable guitars!

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Each of these resonators has an enjoyable story behind it, so be sure to watch the whole video. And, as soon as you get to the end, I wish to hear which guitars you liked one of the most and whether you have any resonators!

This entire episode is devoted to resonator guitars, which is why I’m including a resonator contractor and an incredible resonator gamer. Make certain to let me understand what you think of these artists!

I desire to give an unique shoutout for Republic Guitars and Billy Cardine for their workmanship and artistry that goes into their work!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a resonator guitar, learning resonator, or just listening to resonators then this episode is definitely for you!

00:00 – Introduction to Resonators and “Uncategorizables”.
2:00 – What’s in my collection of Resonators? (pt. 1).
10:38 – What’s in my collection of Resonators? (pt. 2).
16:30 – Republic Guitars Resonator Reviews.
20:33 – Program Remarks, Mail Bag, and Guitarsenal.
33:16 – Billy Cardine Resonator Extraordinaire.
42:50 – Conclusion.

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