Why did Jimi Hendrix play such odd guitar string gauges? Were they a custom set as Roger Mayer claimed or were they cribbed from a since-discontinued Fender string set? Here’s what we understand …

” 11 minutes and only 30 seconds of shredding? What a joke!” For you folks, here’s an useful link to where you can listen to Are You Experienced on Spotify instead of seeing this video– it’ll sound better than me anyhow: https://open.spotify.com/album/7rSZXXHHvIhF4yUFdaOCy9?si=qIIF8QfgT8qzpZEPoeHY9w

Oh and for you barristers out there, no Jimi Hendrix was/is not affiliated with our business in any method, primarily because we began in 2014, a bit after his time.

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