In this short electrical guitar lesson, author, educator and Elixir Strings artist Matt Wong demonstrates the fundamentals of how to deal with arpeggio patterns. Taking the Cmaj7 chord and showing you how to practice arpeggios utilizing repeating two bar rhythmic patterns all over the neck, Matt’s approach is terrific for truly getting the concept instilled in your playing and under your fingers. Taking the fundamental technique and using it to other maj7 chords and after that different chord types will truly start to open the fretboard up and unlock your soloing potential!

0:00 Intro
0:21 Practice C significant 7 arpeggio
1:14 2-bar rhythms
2:50 Variations

Matt plays Elixir Strings for their long-term tone and how they make his instruments come alive.

Inspect them out:

Arpeggios aren’t just for sweep-picking metal gamers – they’re merely the notes of a chord played separately, and work in all kinds of musical settings. Including arpeggios into your solos is an excellent way of adding interest and outlining chord developments – vital in jazz and a sophisticated approach for pop, rock and more.

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