This definitive acoustic guitar purchasing guide uses a 5-step framework to assist you pick what acoustic guitar to buy. For the 5-step structure and examples on loads of guitars, make sure to view this episode of Acoustic Tuesday!

Purchasing an acoustic guitar can be a tricky procedure. By following my 5-step structure, you’ll have a guitar you feel great buying. Before you watch the video, make certain to welcome your considerable other/partner to enjoy with you! Having your +1 on board will assist throughout the purchasing process.

To get things begun, let’s dive right into the acoustic guitar purchasing guide …

Step 1. Assess the Guitar’s Appearances
You might be thinking that this is not that important. You might believe the noise is the most essential part of a guitar. But you need to be attracted to your guitar aesthetically. This doesn’t suggest the guitar needs to be fancy and blingy.

Instead, you wish to feel as if the guitar is contacting us to you and you are inspired by simply the “appearance” of the guitar– whether it’s used, straight grain, or matte finish. If you’re drawn to a guitar aesthetically, you’re most likely to take a look at it and feel the requirement to play it.

Action 2. Examine the Guitar’s Sound
Ideally, you desire to be able to play the guitar you’re considering getting. If you can’t play it try finding a range of demo videos with high-quality noise. When you listen or play the guitar, I want you to pick up a minute and ask yourself, “Can I still feel that guitar resonating in my body?”

I want you to find a guitar that feels so remarkable, you can’t see yourself without it. This means something different for everybody. Every guitar player has their own choice on timbre and tone and volume, so simply make sure the guitar you select resonates with you.

Action 3. Examine the Guitar’s Playability
When buying a guitar, playability is an incredibly essential factor. For this action, I want you to take into consideration the things you can not alter about a particular guitar. For instance, you can change the action, string height, or strap button placement. Things you can not alter are nut width, neck profile, string spacing, body width, etc

. You want to feel comfortable when you’re checking out guitar. If anything feels too big, too small, or just not right, don’t be afraid to carry on. If you do not feel comfy playing it, it’ll be that much harder to encourage yourself to play that guitar.

Step 4. Assess the Guitar’s Versatility
This might not be suitable to you if you’re looking for a particular kind of guitar to round out your guitarsenal. Nevertheless, for many guitar geeks, you wish to find a guitar that can do a wide range of playing designs. You’ll desire a guitar that can grow and flex with you as you discover new ideas, styles, and categories of acoustic music!

Make certain the guitar you’re considering buying can do both fingerpicking and flatpicking. You want this guitar to be on your side through your acoustic guitar journey.

Step 5. Assess the Guitar’s Level of Inspiration
This is tough to do, however feel in one’s bones that each guitar has a story. The guitar that influences you the most typically has a story behind it. Even if your purchasing a new guitar, the story connected to that guitar is the story of the producer. The story of a Taylor guitar, fresh out of the factory, is different from the story of a new Martin guitar. Which story resonates with you the most?

If you’re taking a look at utilized or vintage guitars, also consider the story of the previous owners. You want this guitar to motivate you and bring happiness and fulfillment into your life.

What do you think about this 5 action structure? Did it work for you? Are you intending on utilizing this definitive acoustic guitar purchasing guide? Let me understand in the remarks below!

If you require more practice on deciding whether you should purchase a guitar, ensure to see the complete episode. I’ll be assessing three various guitars and using this 5 action structure to each of the guitars.

If you desire to see more of the notes I have on this episode, be sure to go to Acoustic Life today!

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