Sam and Meg take a look at 7 of the very best acoustic guitar amps presently offered.

Check them all out here …

00:00 7 Best Acoustic Amplifiers

00:52 Marshall AS50D:

04:09 Fender Acoustic 100:

07:44 Ashdown AA-100:

11:30 Manager Acoustic Singer Pro:

14:40 Yamaha THR5A:

18:00 AER Alpha Plus:

21:22 Orange Acoustic Crush 30:

Meg is utilizing the Faith Neptune Cutaway, Blue Moon Burst:

TOURTECH VM50 Dynamic Microphone:

All of the tunes included in this video were written and carried out by Megan Linford, the acoustic guitar professional at our PMT Portsmouth store, and you can take a look at more of her music at or have a look at a few of her video listed below …

Fall – Megan Linford:

First Day Of Spring – Megan Linford:

River Circulation (Live) – Megan Linford:

Here at Professional Music Technology, we equip a wide range of acoustic guitar amplifiers to fit most requirements, from little practice amps and battery-powered busking amps to powerful but budget-friendly gig-ready combos and premium quality amps to complement any high-end acoustic.

Many of the amps included in this video feature several input alternatives, so they appropriate for a large range of acoustic instruments and microphones, suitable for musicians, duos and singer-songwriters. Check out any of the amps you see here at your closest PMT store …

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