Whether it’s space travel or sustainable tonewood forests, I know the future of the acoustic guitar is brilliant. In this episode, I’ll stroll you through 5 HUGE reasons why the acoustic guitar is the selected instrument of the future.

This whole episode is committed to the future of the acoustic guitar. Specifically, why the acoustic guitar will be the champion instrument in the near and long run.

In addition, you’ll hear about two guitars that I think are certainly guitars of the future. One of them is a @Lowden GuitarsF50, which is truly futuristic because of the innovative tonewood mixes utilized on this guitar. In addition, I’ll provide you a review of the @FenderAcoustasonic guitar, an instrument that has received a LOT of hype … however is it worth it?

Finally, you’ll get the possibility to listen to a good friend of mine who went viral a couple months ago. His videos include him playing a Weissenborn guitar throughout the wilds of Montana. His name? @Dan Dubuque.

Just to give you a taste of what’s to come for the acoustic guitar, here are my leading 5 indications the acoustic guitar is the instrument of the future.

Reason # 5: Power or No-Power, There’s POWER
Whether you’re plugged into an amp or not, the acoustic guitar can fill a space if it needs to. It’s mobile and can be versatile in a wide range of circumstances.

So if the remote future for some factor doesn’t involve electricity, us acoustic guitar geeks we’ll still be able to make music! If we do have power, there are lots of effects and equipment that can help sonically texture the acoustic guitar and innovate its sound.

Reason # 4: Band in a Box
While the guitar works for strumming and playing chords, you can in fact pull many different sounds and effects from your acoustic guitar.

There are numerous different percussive tones that can be used the acoustic guitar. Integrate that with the various chord progressions, rhythms, and more … you suddenly have a guitar that is 100% a band in a box.

Reason # 3: SPACE TRAVEL
Great news, everyone! The acoustic guitar is safe for area travel! As we skyrocket into the deep, unidentified vasts of space, one astronaut acknowledges how primal and powerful music is– it’s one of one of the most fundamental parts of our human identity.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows it with his dependable Larrivee P-01 while he addressed some concerns in an interview he did from the spaceport station!

Reason # 2: Material Development
Beginning with sustainable harvesting, there have been lots of enjoyable improvements in sustainably collecting tonewoods. Instead of clear-cutting or chopping down ancient trees, @Taylor Guitars cloned a maple tree that offered top quality and trustworthy tonewood.

Additionally, the folks at Emerald Guitars have actually been constructing insanely top quality carbon fiber guitars.

Factor # 1: Neighborhood
Throughout my life and career, I’ve seen that the acoustic guitar has an uncanny capability to develop community any place it goes. As human beings, we require community in the past, we need it now, and we’ll need it in the future. As far as I can tell, no instrument is much better matched to unite folks like the acoustic guitar.

I have actually belonged of the 2006-2007 record for the world’s largest guitar lesson (1500 people). Being there was absolutely fantastic and goes to reveal how unbelievable the neighborhood around acoustic guitar is. 10 years later, I held the Acoustic Life Celebration in Bozeman, Montana. This was a festival where over 100 Tony’s Acoustic Difficulty members fulfilled to play together for a weekend … phew, that was something unique!

Did I leave something off of my list that should have been included? Let me know in the comments listed below!

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