I’ve simplified the 6 most important lessons I have actually gained from @Tommy Emmanuelin this video. From playing solo to practice approach, I’m prepared to help you enhance by handing down the knowledge of Tommy Emmanuel.

If you have not become aware of Tommy Emmanuel, he is among the most accomplished acoustic guitar players ever. Hailing from the land down under, Tommy is a virtuoso on acoustic guitar. Everything about his playing is inspiring.

With his brand-new album out, “The Very Best of Tommy Songs,” and his birthday at the end of May, I figured what much better time to do a dedicated Tommy Emmanuel episode than today!

All of the ideas and lessons I found out from Tommy Emmanuel come from my personal relationship with him. He’s a terrific human who has actually revealed compassion at every turn. So, thank you, Tommy Emmanuel!

Lesson # 6: Believe Like a Band

When I initially heard Tommy Emmanuel play, I was captivated by his characteristics and capability to layer many noises simultaneously. When I had a chance to speak with him about setting up and composing, he informed me to “think like a band and a singer.”

When he played, Tommy brings down the characteristics of the rhythm part that he is playing, while accenting and bringing out the melodic lines. The result is a harmonious song.

Lesson # 5: Make a Big Sound

When I asked Tommy how he’s successful as a solo act, he didn’t discuss his blazing strategy or his practice hours (although, those certainly matter!). Instead, he talked about the noise that he makes.

Never believe less of yourself. Focus on having a good time and sharing the pleasure of music with those around you. Make that huge noise.

Lesson # 4: Give It Your All

I remember listening to Tommy Emmanuel’s soundcheck. There were just a few of us in the audience. Despite the fact that few folks were focusing, Tommy gave it his all. He didn’t half-ass his performance. To him, it never ever mattered whether you were playing for yourself or for thousands.

When you go to practice, give it your full undistracted attention. Play as if you were performing and provide it the very same energy and concentration.

Lesson # 3: Bet the Individuals

When you perform, no matter how numerous people you’re betting, you’re out there to bet the people. You’re not there to “impress” other musicians, as Tommy says. Rather, concentrate on sharing the joy and fun of music with those around you.

It’s actually a simple lesson, but it’s one I require to continuously remind myself of. Frequently I think of what other guitar players would desire to hear me play, rather than what individuals enjoying my music would wish to hear. And, if you’re the only one in the room … play for yourself!

Lesson # 2: Do What Works for You

Tommy Emmanuel always told me that the very best guitar is the one YOU can’t put down. Just due to the fact that he likes one guitar, that does not indicate it will work for you. Just since a technique is used by some guitarists, does not mean that’s the very best for you.

This is particularly essential to keep in mind when buying a guitar. Too typically individuals want to have someone else pick out a guitar for them. In reality, they need to choose out the guitar themselves and discover the one that works for them!

Lesson # 1: Kindness

I remember the most recent time I interviewed Tommy Emmanuel like it was yesterday. He took time out of his incredibly hectic schedule to talk about everything from practice habits to guitar. He originally called me simply to state thank you.

Whether you’re a superior guitarist or simply brand new to guitar, PLEASE remember to be kind. We’re all here to play guitar and have fun. Being helpful, kind, and grateful is what makes the world a much better place. And Tommy Emmanuel is definitely the very best example of a guitarist who is all of these things.

If Tommy Emmanuel has taught you a lesson, be sure to let me know in the remarks!

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