Should your next guitar be vintage or a newer acoustic guitar? I’ve got a story that’ll alter your perspective on vintage instruments, some concerns for classic guitars, and an evaluation of a * brand-new * guitar that’ll turn heads …

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In today’s Acoustic Tuesday in the house episode, I desired to respond to one question: are classic or brand-new acoustic guitars much better? Eventually, that led to lots of reflecting and couple of conclusive conclusions.

So, make certain to let me know in the remarks whether you lean towards vintage or new guitars!

However, this video is an excellent beginning point to assist you identify whether you like vintage or brand-new acoustic guitars. To help you find your own pluses and minuses, I’ll inform the story of the vintage guitar that changed the way I considered guitars.

In addition, you’ll get to hear a brand name brand-new Furch guitar as reviewed by Brendan from Heartbreaker Guitars in Las Vegas, NV!

00:00 – Intro
03:09 – 1935 Martin 0-17 Story
08:56 – Vintage vs. New
17:03 – Q&A
26:36 – Heartbreaker Guitars: Furch Red Deluxe SR Review